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Battery Watering Technologies is a manufacturer of battery watering systems for industrial and commercial applications. Ancillary products such as watering carts, direct fill links, tanks, shelves, deionizers and electrolyte and battery monitoring systems are available. Applications suitable for our products are electric forklift batteries and electric powered vehicles for use in golf, solar, RV and marine applications.

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Flow-Rite Controls™, Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, was founded in 1981 by Dan Campau. As a vertically integrated company; Flow-Rite designs and manufactures and markets fluid control devices for lead acid batteries, recreational fishing boats, and hydroponics. All Flow-Rite products are solely our own proprietary developments and protected by over three dozen U.S. patents as well as hundreds of international patents.

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Philadelphia Scientific

Philadelphia Scientific provides advanced technology solutions to the industrial battery industry including battery watering and battery management solutions. Philadelphia Scientific specializes in the research, design, development and manufacturing of products for motive power, standby and automotive batteries in addition to tools that maximize battery performance.

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BHS, Inc. delivers dependable, flexible, and affordable forklift battery handling and warehouse equipment solutions to customers around the globe. We offer the most comprehensive line of products, services, and accessories available to meet all of your battery handling storage, maintenance, and safety needs.

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We have been manufacturing industrial solutions for businesses worldwide for more than 70 years. We make a wide variety of specialized equipment for use in the food processing, material handling, and distribution services industries. We were the first to launch several innovative products, including the first HLE High Lift Dumper, Man-A-Board, and Hook-N-Pull battery extractors, and Intell-A-Changer – the world’s first fully automated, all electric battery changer.

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We manufacture and distribute acid spill kits, battery safety supplies, battery cleaning products, battery neutralizer, containment equipment, safety spill kits, and more. These stationary battery products are used for batteries in forklifts, telecommunications installations, and other industrial settings. Our acid adsorbing products neutralize and adsorb electrolyte spills.

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